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hands washing with soap

Good day to you. Welcome to another article on topics that you never thought you’d find interesting until you read them on the Clean Cleaner blog. This time it’s all about soap.

We’ll discuss what soap is, how it removes stains from material/you, why you don’t get ill each week, and the contentious topic of antibacterial soap.

fraser pattinson tour guide in edinburgh standing in greyfriars graveyard

Following your wise decision to start using the Clean Cleaner cleaning services in Edinburgh we want to offer you some practical suggestions for using the extra time that becomes available with your new found freedom from that particular chore.  Our first suggestion is to discover more about where you live.  With that in mind we had a brief conversation with Fraser Paterson who is a Freelance Tour Guide in Edinburgh as well as a magazine and web journalist specialising in golf & Scottish history

His clients include: The Scots Magazine, Edinburgh Life, Golfblogger UK, Porter Novelli, The List Eating & Drinking Guide 2014 & The Scottish Genealogist.


Clean Cleaner are here again for your cleaning needs. This time we’re watching out for your health, and spreading the word about which commonly used cleaning products you definitely shouldn’t be combining.

The human body is a delicate construction, and these three mixes that will undoubtedly cause you harm with enough exposure. As it turns out, bleach is the common denominator in all three mixtures so bare that in mind next time you’re scrubbing your toilet bowl.

view of stainless steel cooker controls

It’s time for another blog post from your favourite domestic cleaning company, helping you resolve your least favourite domestic cleaning problems.  Today we’re tackling the cleaning of stainless steel.

What makes stainless steel so great for home appliances is often its downfall when keeping up appearances day-to-day.  It’s shiny, and it’s very durable - perfect for modern life.  One major gripe is fingerprint marks.

cleaning the family silver

With high levels of interest continuing in ways to clean that are more natural or use less 'manufactured' cleaning materials here is a method of cleaning silver (or something along similar lines without the access to aluminium foilthat we have today) that would have been in full use 100 years ago, before the advent of multi national chemical manufacturing and supermarkets.

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