Lifestyle Choice

What to do with your extra time when we clean?

We want to be more than just your domestic cleaning service.  We want to be your lifestyle partner.

Clean Cleaner are a premium domestic cleaning company based in Edinburgh and London but we have an ulterior motive. Clean Cleaner as a domestic cleaning company is just the start. Our real mission is to get you to have a happier life. We achieve this by freeing up your spare time, we know you don’t want to be spending you evenings worrying about cleaning and spending your weekends doing it.

What good would we be if we just left you with all that extra time? We don’t want you running round like a headless chicken. Here, we’ll give you ten suggestions - remember, it’s never too late to start a new hobby. The more we do, the more valuable people we become.

Pottery Lessons
Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop

There are few things more powerful than crafting a beautiful but practical object from the very earth on which we stand. However, these skills don’t come naturally, they take a long time to hone. This is where Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop will help. A 10-week course costs £260 but includes all materials and firing costs as well as some expert help along the way.

New Language

Inlingua are a language school based in Edinburgh that pride themselves on a personal approach when it comes to learning a new language. That may be brushing up on your English or trying something that you’ve never attempted before such as Japanese or Russian (there are many more to choose from). Check out Inlingua’s website for more details and to discover if it’s the language school for you.

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School is located in the in the middle of the city centre and caters to amateur cooks and professionals alike. The principle, Fiona Burrell, puts an emphasis on her students developing a confident culinary attitude within the newly renovated, five-story school. Do you fancy yourself as a dab-hand in the kitchen or do you have just about zero skills? You know where to go to get better.

Instrument Lessons
Morningside School Of Music

Who hasn’t at one point kicked themselves for not learning an instrument when they were younger? Morningside School Of Music prides itself in being the busiest music school in Edinburgh since its opening in‘99, and offers a massive variety of lessons including guitar, bass, piano, drums, singing, violin, and saxophone, music production, and music theory - there’s something for everyone. Dream of playing in a downtown jazz bar in New York? Gotta start somewhere.


This not-for-profit yoga organisation invests all of its earning back into improving the infrastructure and teachers so that its customers continually get the best experience possible. Located on the southern side of The Meadows, classes run throughout the day with 20 different teachers so you’re sure to find a style that suits your needs.

Going Digital

If you’d like to take some snaps but the automatic settings just aren’t cutting you then you may need some help adjusting to manual life. Edinburgh is one of the most photographed cities in Europe so why not take advantage of what’s already on your doorstep? Going Digital offers various levels of photography course to suit all of your artistic needs.

Edinburgh Athletic Club

Having picked up several Club Of The Year awards in their time, Edinburgh Athletic Club are confident in their ability to indulge all your endorphin needs. They have it all - road running, cross country, trail running, adventure racing, duathlons, and triathlons. Maybe you want to shed a few pounds or simply meet some like-minded people then you’re sure to find both with this club!

Rock Climbing
Edinburgh International Climbing Arena

A little out the way but totally worth it is the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. It’s absolutely huge, honestly, you should have a look at the website just to see why it’s Europe’s largest indoor climbing centre. It’s great fun and something a bit different that you can tell your friends about at the dinner table.

Skriva Writing School

Writing is something that can be nurtured and developed just like any other creative skill, although we don’t always think of it as such. Skriva Writing School want to instill that in each of their students and believe everyone has their own style of writing which should be tended to on a personal basis, something that’s very difficult to achieve in traditional academic creative writing courses. If you want to be a Pulitzer Prize Winner then check them out first

Home Brewing

Brewing has become really popular in recent years as people try to create personalised, individual flavours that suit their palate. At least with this hobby your friends won’t mind if you keep asking them to sample the goods! Brewstore has all the equipment you could possibly need to make that liquid gold so why not pop in and ask for some tips, they’ll definitely be happy to help.